What we do?

Every year the Leadership in Action Summit brings together 3000 promising student leaders from 30 selected countries around the world to live and study for a week at leading Ivy League Universities, in USA. “ Sri Lankan student leaders have a once in a lifetime opportunity of attending a 7 day Leadership Summit in Harvard, Yale or Stanford University during school vacation in July or August. This is a great investment for their future” said Rochelle Melder, Chief Student Counselor in Sri Lanka for the organizers People to People of The Dwight Eisenhower Foundation, founded in 1956 by the late US President, Dwight Eisenhower.

Since the year 2000 over 750 Sri Lankan teenagers have experienced this amazing week in the USA which has changed their lives forever. Since participating in these annual leadership summits 520 of them have entered foreign Universities for higher education. These include Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Upenn, Washington, Mt. Holliork, Notradam, Macalister, Clark, Wisconsin in USA, Universities of Sydney, Melbourne, Griffith, Monash, and UTS in Australia. Oxford, Nottinghani, Warrick, Leeds, Sheffield, Kings, LSE & Sussex in UK. Each year Sri Lanka will send 20 promising Teenagers to the “Leadership in Action Summit” at the prestigious Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.