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Azam Barkar Winner of Scholarship to Loughborough University in UK Sherazad Hamit winner of Scholarship to University of Macalister USA Kamilka Malwatte winner of 100% Scholarship to Harvard University USA Gayani Abeyasinghe winner of Scholarship to University of Pennsylvania USA.  

List of Sri Lankan Future World Leaders studying in foreign Universities

Studying in the US
Thilakshani Dias former Head Girl of Stafford’s International School at Brown University.
Michelle de Saram of Asian International School at Yale University
Sajeewa Pallemeulla of Royal College at Washington University in St.Loui
Thanuji Shanmugeratnam of British School in Colombo at University of Wisconsin

Dinal Edirisinghe of Royal College is in Notre Dame University in Indiana is the only International Student selected to be the University’s English debating team.

Malinda Thilekeratne of Ananda College is at Santa Monica College in California

Jegan Rajendram of CIS is at University of Pennsylvania
Neranjan de Silva of Royal College is at Cuny University in New York
Surani Palihena of St. Bridget’s Convent Colombo is at Knox College
Dilip Ramachandran of AIS is at University of Pennsylvania
Tashaya de Silva of Stafford’s International School is at Mt.Holyoak College
Niranjan Arulpragasam former Co-Head boy of AIS is at Macalester University on a Kofi Anan Scholarship. Last year Niranjan won the English debating championship of the University to become the second freshman to win this title. Koffi Anan was the first freshman to win this title 41 years ago at Macalister.
Joining American Universities in 2003 September
Eranjan Kempitiya of Royal College to Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey
Gayani Abeyasinghe of British School in Colombo to University of Pennsylvania
Sherazad Hamit of CIS joins Macalester University on a Koffi Anan Scholarship
Rajeevee Panditharathne of Gateway International to D’Youville College in New York
Kamilka Malwatte former Head Girl of Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo and the highest “Z” score student at the last GCE-AL exams joins Harvard this September on almost a 100% scholarship.
Studying in the USA
Kesara Ratnavibhushana of CIS at University of East London
Anisha Perera of CIS is at University of Sheffield
Shanika Sharma of CIS is at Nottingham University
Narendra Bandaranaike of CIS is at Kings College
Niluka Gunewardena of CIS is at Kings College
Michael de Silva of CIS is at University of Leeds
Aarthi Dharmadasa of CIS is at University of Sussex
Jerastin Dubash of CIS is at Stanford University
Anushaka Punchihewa of CIS is at Nottingham University
Kanishaka Senanayake of CIS is at Worric University
Minoli Mahendra of CIS is London School of Economics
Azam Bakeer Markar of CIS is at Loughborough University
Entering British Universities in 2003 September
Sonalini Gunesekera of CIS enters Oxford University
Stasshani Jayawardena of CIS to St. James & Lucy Clayton College
Nicole Parakrama of AIS to London School of Economics
Dulith Senanayaka of CIS to Nottingham University
Sonalini Gunesekera of CIS to Oxford University
Studying in Australia
Ashanya Alles of CIS at University of Sydney
Shirabdi de Silva former co-Head girl of AIS is at Melbourne University
Rasansie Lankage of AIS is at Monarsh University
Chathura Tissera of ACBT is at Perth University
Arthika Siveratnam of ACBT is at University of Southern Queensland

Result of Your Week's Experiences

You gain an insider's view of international relations and a heightened awareness of the diverse interests of many countries.

You see the importance of active citizenship, understand how individuals make a difference in international relations and discover opportunities for participating in international political and economic systems.

You develop greater appreciation for global diversity by meeting and living with your peers from a variety of countries, environments and all strata of society.

You improve your listening and discussion skills through formal and informal sessions on important issues facing our planet.

You gain an enhanced university resume. Credit from the University of Virginia is available to students who attend the Summit. The academic focus and intense student interaction of the Summit are favorably considered by many American universities in their admission process.

Former delegate from Sri Lanka Haresh Selvaskandan selected to carry Olympic Torch in London.

Sri Lankan Medical Student in Britain, Haresh Selvaskandan 22, was selected as one of the Touch bearers for the final lap of the 2012 Olympic Torch. Born in Hong Kong and moving to Sri Lanka at the age of four, Haresh schooled at British School Colombo and the Colombo International School. It’s at CIS that he says he became the person he is today, thanks to a combination of a “great group of friends and an amazing set of inspiring teachers”.

In 2006 Haresh Selvaskandan, attended the Future World Leaders Summit at Georgetown University in Washington D.C as a member of the Sri Lankan delegation. His fellow delegates at this summit from CIS were, Thushya Shah, Sohanya Wickremaratne, Nikhil Amalean, Abdul Kareem & Nuzhath Kareem, Shanil Nethicumara, Meliza Cyril, Menuwan Weerasinghe, Thamalee Palansuriya, Abishek Devraj, Darron Henricus, Charya De Silva, Imran Jeevunjee, Thiyagi Ruwanpathirana, Thehinde Fonseka and Hassan Manikku. For a full list of his fellow Sri Lankan delegates of 2006, in visit www.futureworldleader.org

The Olympic Torch is perhaps the most famous herald of the Olympic Games. It is ignited at the site of the Ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece several months before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. This year the Olympic Flame arrived in Britain on May 18, and 8000 inspirational individuals were selected to carry it through over 1000 cities, towns and villages in the lead-up to the London Olympics beginning on July 27. To be asked to be a torchbearer of the Olympic Flame is considered to be one of the greatest honours for a Leader within and outside the sporting world. For Haresh Selvaskandan, the best thing about carrying the Olympic Torch was having his parents and friends there to support him. Perhaps this is a reflection of the life and attitudes of a young man who went into medicine with the aim of helping others and was chosen to be part of the select group carrying the Olympic Torch thanks to his humanitarian work in the field of medicine.

Joining Leicester Medical School in 2007 immediately after the Future World Leaders Summit, he discovered Medsin; a national organization of students affiliated to the UN dedicated to tackling inequalities in global health distribution. For three years of medical school, he worked with Medsin, setting up projects that aimed to help asylum seekers, the homeless, the financially less privileged and even the orphans in Kenya.

He established the Kenyan Orphan Project in Leicester, which fundraised in UK and took medical students over to Kenya during the summer for grassroots level involvement, with work in local hospitals and community health centres. In 2010 he was voted in as Vice-Chancellor of Medsin-UK. In the same year, he graduated with a First Class degree from a Bachelor of Sciences in Neurosciences which he took a year out from medical school to complete.

At present, Haresh works as a regional coordinator for Medsin and keeps his scientific interests alive through work on various projects with clinicians. For now his aim is to be a good student and focus on his finals-he needs to get through if he wants his shot at making the world that proverbial better place. One day he’ll be back where he started off though. “My ultimate goal is to go into academic nephrology and play a key role in International Development, starting in Sri Lanka,” Haresh says.